Bust out of your comfort zone

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Lets face it, we all like to be comfortable and secure.  We like knowing what to expect and the false sense of being in control.  We can stay there and be content, or we can bust out of our safe space and reach a potential that we never though was possible.

Change equals fear

A fear of failing is the prominent reason that people really avoid change.  When we are in a routine or used to a certain flow, the thought of shaking that up can be terrifying if you are focusing on the scenarios that often play in your mind.

Change is something that I personally strive for as often as I can get it.  Of course when you find something that enhances your mental and/or physical, by all means keep that on loop in your life.  As we grow and evolve into the person that we have desired to be then the change will be a natural progression.

Fear of Succeeding

I know that sounds weird right?  This is something that I encounter on a weekly basis with my clients.  Failure is so much easier to accept then success.  Fear of success comes from a place of insecurity or someone putting in your head that you are not good enough.  Often we are the voices in our heads that are saying that we are not allowed or deserving of success.  I have had people tell me more than once that they are afraid of when the shoe will fall if they are successful.


Trust that you are deserving

YOU DESERVE TO BE AMAZING!  I don’t know how else to relay that you are allowed to be more than content.  You are allowed to smile and mean it, laugh and love to do so, walk away from negativity, say no without a reason, put yourself first and take risks.

The only way to achieve what you really want is to have a spiritual center and never stop growing and learning.  You can only do that when you bust out of the comfort zone!

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