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Take Time To Recharge

We have all been burned out or overwhelmed from time to time.  We find a million reasons why we can’t or won’t take time for ourselves.  Often this is due to the idea that someone has put in your head that you have to put everyone else first, or that you must have to complete whatever projects that you have unfinished.

I say at least five times a week to someone that taking time for yourself needs to be your top priority.  If you are giving your time and energy to everyone else, you will burn out at a fast pace.

I have zero problem these days of taking time and recharging my batteries.  It makes me a better person all the way around.  As silly as it seems some people have no idea how to take time for themselves.  I’ll give you some tips on how you can start recharging yourself.


Take a day off

So many of us are working more than we are seeing our own family and friends.  We give so much effort and energy that sooner or later you are going to need to take a day or two off that you normally wouldn’t have off.  Stop overworking yourself to death for a job that you can be replaced in.  Of course give 100 percent when you are there, but you need to allow yourself a day or two to watch tv, go to the beach, sleep or read a good book or two.



I’m going to be a huge hypocrite on this tip.  I know in order to really be optimal that you should get at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night.  I have a unique sleeping habit that is due to the nature of my gifts.  I get my version of sleep but fill the other time with meditation and mindfulness.

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Be Silly

Stop being so serious and responsible all the time.  It’s perfectly fine to get with friends and be as silly as you want to be.  Life is short and being serious and worrying all the time will cause you great anxiety and can lead to depression.

Pamper Yourself

I’m a hugggggggge fan of this one.  Pampering yourself doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can run a bath with some oils and salts or go for a long walk outside.  You can also treat yourself to a facial, massage, girls trip or window shopping.  You are an example to other people, you can either show them that you keep going and going till you burn out or that you can be kind and loving to yourself.

At the end of the day, if you complain about always being tired and feel as though you are burning the candle at both ends then you need to do something about it.  If all you are doing is complaining and making excuses as to why you can’t take time to recharge then you are your own roadblock.

Watch the vlog to see how I recharge 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Take Time To Recharge”

  1. You are absolutely right! However, I must confess that I struggle to do this although I know from past experience that recharging is the best thing you can do for yourself. Maybe I need to read this at least once a week to remind myself.

  2. Loved reading this! I think we all need the reminder. I have found grounding and meditation are great ways to re-center, relax and calm the mind. Thank you!

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