Quit banking on the new year, the universe doesn’t keep a calendar.

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Every new year that approaches there are so many complaints about what went wrong, how you were wronged, who you are getting rid of, weight you want to lose, an organized home, a financial plan, social media breaks etc..  How you just can’t wait for the clock to strike midnight so that the new year can replace all the shitty things that went wrong just by a simple digit change. Seriously?!

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For the love of God, please stop saying it and just do it.  If you are saying that you are going to change something that you said you were going to change 3 years ago then you need to take a way deeper look at yourself and not just others. I totally get the importance of setting goals and using dates to motivate you, but stop procrastinating. What is holding you back?  Stop vague posting and being passive aggressive.  If this is the year, month, day or minute that you are going to change then do it.  You don’t need to make a giant announcement about it!


The universe doesn’t know that January 1st is the new year.  It isn’t like ” Ok, lets start fresh”  The universe works on cosmic shifts and moon phases that align with dates for us.  When you read a blog or see a post about a specific shift coming on such and such date, that is to let you know when to prepare.  In no way shape or form is the universe going to just start some new energy plan for you.  So stop blaming each year that passes.  The reality is that shitty things happen each day and each year.  If you keep making excuses for why things are going wrong than there you will be again at the end of the next year saying how shitty this year was.


The harsh truth is that there are some things that are totally out of our control and they suck… bad. We can’t do anything about it but process whatever it is that has happened and move forward in time.  The only thing in your control is you and your energy.  If you are looking for another human to make you happy, it doesn’t matter what year it is, you will NOT be happy.  Stop banking on other people and expecting people to make you feel whole.  Not one human on the planet can make you happy. You and only you are responsible for filling that void.  I have an entire chapter in my second upcoming book that goes into detail on how to detach from the idea of needed another human for validation of self.

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Drop the whole “Its everyone else” drama and take some responsibility for your own part in whatever is making you miserable or unmotivated.  I have personal rules in place for my social media.  I try to only post positive and helpful things along with pictures.  I check notifications and then scroll till I see something negative or political then I hop off.  That only really applies to Facebook since my Instagram and Snapchat stays positive.  If you don’t feel better when you see someone’s posts then stop following them or unfollow that post.  Negative feeds negative any way you spin it.  If you are bitching all the time on your own social media then you have no place to complain about anyone else.  Actually, you don’t have a right to complain about someone’s social media at all.  Its pretty simple, if you don’t like it, don’t follow it!

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It is never selfish for self-care.  Unlike dates, the universe does recognize energy and responds by sending that energy back to you.  It may not always be the exact way you think it should be, but it will send it back.  This is not to say you have to walk around like life is perfect and glittery because the reality is that it isn’t.  I live with constant anxiety but try really hard to rely on my support system of close friends and therapist (Yes, even therapists need therapists).  You should however send out the positivity as often as you can, even when the last thing you want to do is be positive. Some days just watching or reading something positive can turn things around.


When is the last time you did something for yourself without guilt?  Sure, we all have responsibilities and people who rely on us but if we aren’t taking care of ourselves first then we can’t be there one hundred percent for anyone else.  It will seem strange at first to actually care for yourself as much as you do others, but when you get through those mental barriers instilled in you by someone else telling you that putting you first is selfish, you will soar to such an amazing place.



Yes there are some amazing positives for the turning of the calendar to a new year.  It’s an amazing time to put a plan in place with details of how you’re going to get there.  Until you have something on paper with that plan then it’s really just a dream or an idea that may remain unfulfilled so you can bitch about it at the end of the year on how the year sucked because you didn’t do whatever.

Why wait until the calendar turns?  If you want to change something then do it now. Don’t wait for some fictional date in time that is all just meaningless anyway.  If you really want to get your shit together, than now is the perfect time to start!



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    Amazing and uplifting read! Thanks!!

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    Just what I needed to read! 🥰

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    Spot on. 😍

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    Honest words that I needed to hear!

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