Mind and Body

We all know logically that we need to be grounded, have a spiritual center and take care of our physical and mental health to be complete and balanced.  We often don’t know where to begin on that journey to find that inner peace to allow ourselves the ability to achieve our true purpose.

My amazing Life Healing journey has lead me to surround myself with amazing people that complete my energy circle.  The mind, body, spirit connection is the key to achieving full inner peace. I am going to bring a piece of my energy circle to you!

I am pleased to introduce you to my collaboration with Dolvett Quince. You  may recognize him as one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser. His ability to motivate and inspire you to reach your fitness goals are only one attribute that was featured.  His spiritual connecting and motivational energy will be an amazing asset to my life healing sessions.  We are coming together to help you achieve the full and complete mind, body and spirit connection.

We are currently offering three individual packages to accommodate your budget and goals.  We do offer corporate and group speaking engagements rates upon request.

  • 3 sessions $600
  • 6 sessions $1150
  • 9 sessions $1650

What we offer

Each session is a total of 60 minutes.  30 minutes with Lori and 30 minutes with Dolvett.  The sessions are done over Skype.

Lori will help you identify what roadblocks you have in your daily life and offer guidance to help you break through those mental barriers and judgements that you have on loop in your head.

Dolvett will complement the groundwork that we have established in the first thirty minutes with your mind and spirit by giving you direction to connect your body to the inner peace puzzle.  He will address any challenges that you are facing with your  health and fitness goals. He is very inspirational in his approach to you becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.

Together we will evaluate what areas you need to concentrate on in each of our sessions with you.  We conduct one session each week and offer a 10% discount on additional sessions after your initial sessions are completed.

I can honestly say, that being able to offer these sessions to you is something that we know many of our current clients have needed for some time. Signing up today is your commitment to you, to your personal growth. We are determined to help you reach that life goal.  You cannot give to others at 100% of your capability if you are in an energy deficit of your own.

Here is a small clip of Dolvett and the inspiration and motivation he provides.

Purchase Dolvetts New York Times Best selling book here.


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