Life Healing



What is life healer?

Over the last three years, I have been working closely with psycologists, psychaitrists,, shamans, energy healers, scientists, professors and life coaches from around the world, to understand various methods to achieve our own inner peace.  These three years have allowed me to go to the deepest darkest places within myself so I can build and heal the correct way.  My work with them will continue for the many years to come.

This started as a personal journey the beginning of 2015.  I had some life changing situations that occured leading me to either break in two or to heal and be strong.  This journey opened me up to all of these amazing people that helped heal me and guide me to bring all of this growth to others. That was never my initial intention, only to heal myself and learn to be the person I want to be for myself, no one else.

The journey was one that had to remain a silent and private.  It was some of the best work I have ever done in my entire life.  The writing of my book was the start, the branding of my LLC also part of that chapter.  I also had to cleanse the negativity of my own postings on social media outlets and went through some intensive treatment to cleanse my mind of grudges, self doubt, worry, control, sadness and anger.

You must always be happy now?

Nope, I have a great support system and lots of tools that I have learned that I can and do lean on when I fall short in any of the above catoagories.  I have great friends and family that allow me to do the work I do.  My family sacrafices an enormous amount of personal time so I can continue to help people find peace with their grief while often connecting them to loved ones. If I am being honest, most of my gatherings and individual readings have been combined with life healing.  I was able to work with thirty six different people withing the three years of my own training.  I was giving them a few of the same tools that were being given for my journey.  If I was going to be a life healer then I wanted to test my ablity to help before I just did it.  Though I was told to do it regarldess of the outcome.

So you’re  a therapist?

I can not be called a therapist since I did not attend a traditional school.  I learned from so many different practitioners from various countries, and learned LOTS of alternative treatment options.  A life healer is often called a therapist, but we do not use the word therapist.

Are you going to still work with people who have crossed over?

Yes! I am not ever going to stop talking to your people and reading your lines (Life charts).  That is as normal for me as brushing my teeth.  So many people think that they need to talk to a person that has crossed over to help them heal.  While it is great to have that connection, you are still left to live your life here.  A few minutes chatting with a loved one is amazing for sure, but it doesn’t change your current situation.  I am simply adding this service as another resource for people who want to create the person they want to be.

Is this for everyone?

Of course!  All of my services are available for all that desire them.  I am not now, nor ever will be in the business of forcing myself or my healing on anyone.  I also am not in the business of helping people that really do not want to be helped.  I always make sure that if someone comes, that it is something they want to do by their own free will.

Can you do that in a group?

Absolutly.  It is awesome to do in a group setting.  You will get a lot of awesome information to help you start your journey. I am in the process of working on a book as we speak to help you with your growth.

Pricing and Appointments

All pricing and group pricing are exactly the same as my other services and can be booked here!