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Are You Letting Other People In Your Lane?

In Your Lane

Our journey is made up of many components and variations throughout our entire lifetime. Often, on the journey we allow others to cross the boundaries and merge into our lane.  This can be a great learning tool as long as you do actually learn from it.  Lets look at this as though we are driving a car.  If you are driving and you see a solid yellow, white or any other color line you know NOT to cross that line, so why don’t we follow the laws of that in our own personal lives?


Solid Lines

The first thing you need to do is actually set whatever boundaries you think you need in your life at that time.  These boundaries may change throughout your lifetime which is perfectly fine as long as you keep them in check and solid.  Why would you follow the law on the road but not in your life?  We always allow people or situations to cross that solid line without consequence.  This is toxic to your energy and often makes you second guess if the lines should even be there in the first place.


Proceed With Caution

Ohhh this one is a bit tricky.  You want to have an open lane and allow trust from people to be able to exist in your lane with you and safely travel together.  These caution boundaries are absolutely necessary for people who have betrayed your trust and friendship, but you aren’t sure if you don’t ever want them in your life again.  This is where it really takes a lot of meditation, prayer, grounding work and trust to establish how you want to rebuild that relationship.  This applies to any and all relationships such as marriage, friendship and family.  It’s really tough for someone to earn back that trust, and often the relationship is never like it once was.  This is not always a bad thing.  Often from whatever hurtful feelings you experiences it can sometimes strengthen that original bond.  So again, proceed with caution.

free to pass

Free To Pass

This is the lane we want to strive for.  This is where we have our close relationships and trust that those relationships can freely ride with you and pass you if need be.  These are the relationships that you truly can rely on.  If you’re struggling to stay a float that day or week, then they can pass you and you can ride in their draft giving you a bit of help and easing your ride a bit. Not everyone belongs in this lane!  Quantity of relationships are so irrelevant and the free to pass lanes should never ever be extended to all of your relationships.  Quality in the relationships are the very special ones that you can open those lanes up to.



Sometimes We Just Need To Exit

This one is the toughest one of all in my opinion.  You are driving on an open lane, passing each other with trust an ease.  You drive around the country, over hills, turns and open road.  You are just a free spirit building a great relationship. Then, something terrible happens and you have a horrible accident in that relationship.  All parties are mangled and hurt and often beyond repair.  Depending on the situation, I would encourage you to go to the proceed with caution path first.  This is not always the way to go and sometimes you just need to exit.  Exiting can be so hard and often you yearn for the free road that you once had in that relationship.  You can’t get those days back and if you are to ever get them back you MUST proceed with caution first.


Use Roadside Assistance!

I love this one soooo much.  On the road if you breakdown you call roadside assistance.  Most of the time, these are strangers that come and jumpstart your battery or help in some other kinda way.  Sometimes, we find exactly what we need from new people who enter our lives.  Don’t be afraid to open up to someone who you may not ever have known otherwise to help you get through whatever tough time you are having.  This comes in many forms; life healers, therapist, new friends, nature, higher power and most importantly YOU!  Some situations force you to look inward and see that you had the tools all along.

Winding Road

Your Life, Your Lane, Your Road

This life that you are living is simply a road that does eventually end.  You will have open road, winding road, do not pass lanes, open lanes and sometimes dead ends.  It can be a crazy ride till you get to your final destination.  Sometimes you need to stay in your lane and figure our what the next turn in your life is.  Those are great times to throw those solid lines down.  If you see people coming across those lines, you need to remind them to stay in their own lane.  This is YOUR roadmap so make sure that you are not comparing or trying to mimic a roadmap of someone else.



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  1. I love you. This is as timely and speaks to my heart. Thank you for being my constant roadside assistance and one of the very few in my open road.

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