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Many Pieces Are Needed For Healthy Relationships


In our lifetime we will have several relationships that will teach us, heal us, hurt us, love us, and ultimately complete us. The main source of our relationships need to always start with you as the border.  We need to love ourselves and understand what type of pieces that we need to fill the center of our puzzle.

Stop Thinking One Person Completes You

This is something that at some point of our lives, we all fall victim to.  We meet someone and think “This person completes me”. Well that could NOT be farther from the truth.  You need a full on tribe to help piece this life puzzle together.  This applies to any and all relationships.  Friendships are some of the hardest puzzles to put together.  They all look so colorful and pretty, but that does not mean that they belong in your puzzle.

When you were first learning to put together a puzzle, you had two pieces that you were pretty sure fit only to find out that it was really close to being a fit but it wasn’t. Ugg now you have to continue looking for the piece that actually does fit there.  This can be daunting and should never be done as a job.  People often look to other people to complete the puzzle before the border (YOU) is even put together.  STOP LOOKING!


You Can’t Make It Fit!

Just because you think a piece is pretty and like the design, does not mean that you can file it down to make it fit in an empty space.  It may fit in the beginning, but you will always wonder when that piece will fall out or mess up the rest of the puzzle.  When you like something you can admire it and examine it.  You can try to see if it fits in a few different places in the puzzle but in the end, it may just not belong there.  That doesn’t mean you didn’t like it, it just means that it isn’t meant for that specific life puzzle.


It May Be Hidden

I remember doing puzzles and looking high and low for a piece.  I would look over and over and try a million pieces.  I would look under the table or think that they never put it in the box.  I may take a break and come back to it a few days later and almost immediately find the piece I was looking for.  It was there the whole time, right under my nose.  We are often looking for something so hard that we are overlooking the piece that belongs there. Slow down, and if needed just take a step back.  Stop looking so hard.


Completed Puzzle

In life, it can take years and years to complete your puzzle.  Sometimes you may even decide to just start a brand new one.  Once you feel as though its perfect for you , keep in mind that from time to time pieces do fall out.  When that happens gently pick it up and slide it back in the spot where it belongs.  This will happen!  In any relationship you will come unconnected.  Give your life puzzle some undivided attention and from time to time readjust the pieces so they are all in sync.

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