You are your only competition

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The one small sentence blog title is actually a very complicated thing to digest.  We are all guilty of trying to compete in some fashion with other people.  This is especially true for our fitness goals.  I will be the very first person to tell you that for years I have always looked at someone on tv or in real life that I wanted to emulate.  In theory this can be inspirational and healthy. The problem becomes when you decide that unless you look like that, you are actually failing at your personal goals.


Your goals are yours and only yours

Time, age, dedication and true desire is where you want to start your personalized goal.  My body will never be in the same shape that it was when I was 20, and that was actually something that I struggled with myself.  In my mind I know that at 47 and so many hormonal changes and kids that there are aspects of my body that will never be the same.  I am now embracing them proudly.  If you continue to look to the past for your fitness and health goals as something that is attainable now, you will often get discouraged and bitter.

If you look at others as competition and not inspiration then you will never be able to set attainable goals for yourself.  We all have some sort of end goal for our fitness, we just may all take different directions to get there.  The only competition that you have is you and your doubt.

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