Get Your Skin Checked! It Can Save Your Life.

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As I sit here writing this blog, I am preparing to once again get a basal Cell Carcinoma removed from by body.  I should start by saying that while I am very diligent about wearing my sunscreen and protecting my skin, I wasn’t always this diligent.  When I was a small child right up through my mid thirties I would tan outside and from time to time in the tanning beds.  When I became pregnant with my daughter at 35 it was like a switch flipped and I became super aware of my skin.  I actually became super aware of health.

I had my son at 25 and made sure he had sun screen, but I am very pale and thought that being tan made me look healthier.  I tried the lotions and the spray tans but nothing looked as good as a nice brown hue kissed from the sun.


Society said so

When I was growing up (OMG I sound like one of THOSE old people), I was so pale that I was called Casper and later Powder (Older movie). If I didn’t have color I was made fun of and teased horribly. Society basically depicted that tanning made you look amazing and gave you a healthy glow.  Now when I hear anyone say how healthy they feel when they tan, I literally cringe.

Millennial know better

It is always funny when I hear people talk about how clueless the millennial are today. I think every generation looks at the next generation as though they have a million short comings.  Millennials are way more aware of health at a younger age then the older generations ever were. It is awesome to see how people are taking care of their overall health and their skin.  Your skin is such an important part of you that is often overlooked.


I want to be tan though

I would be a total liar if I told you that I don’t like to have a little color.  There are issues that people have with lotions and spray tanning as far as the coloring and the smell, it is a chemical after all.  My awesome dermatologist even says to get the sun on your skin for at least 15 minutes.  It is a great way to get the natural vitamin D that you need while giving you a little bit of a tint.

Sunscreen is a must

I love the stuff!  I wear 50 SPF and have worn even higher SPF.  There are a lot of experts that will tell you that after 30 SPF there is no additional benefit to having a higher SPF.  Even if that is true, I am taking no chances and will always go for the highest that I can find that is not animal tested.


Dermatologists are often booked out for a few months for new clients, so make sure to make the call soon to get in by spring.  Its not scary at all, but they will usually make you disrobe and put on a gown so they can check your entire body and scalp.

Monitor changes in your moles

We all have moles or blemishes somewhere on our body.  If you see a change in any of your moles, make sure to get in asap to get it checked.


For More Information, view my video below!

Get Your Skin Checked!



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