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Do You Vent Or Complain? There Is Big Difference!


I try to live a positive life and practice a mind, body and spirit connection daily, but there are days that I am annoyed or frustrated with situations or people.  This is totally normal, so for me to advise you to never vent would be completely ridiculous.

There is a big difference however in venting versus complaining.


Complaining is something that we all do from time to time, but when it becomes part of your daily life, and as easy as saying hello, then you have a problem. Complaining about everything and every situation can cause your mental health to deteriorate.  How can you be positive and yet complain constantly?  Talk about throwing a bunch of garbage out into the universe and expecting some awesome result.

Like attracts like.  Nothing prolific here but a simple, powerful and true statement.  You complain all the time, there is a great chance that you will attract a lot of complainers around you that often have all the answers but no solutions.

Complaining automatically puts your state of mind in a negative place. On Facebook almost every single Monday there is a meme that says “Oh No Its Monday Again”  That already sets your day in motion for a completely crap day.IMG_1169

While you are complaining about it being Monday again, you clearly are not grateful that you have another Monday to see.  Sure you may have to get the kids to school and you need to head to work, but the fact that you can even read this blog is a thing to be grateful for.  So yes its Monday again and you have to start a new week, congratulations on seeing another Monday.


The key to a peaceful way of living has many different modalities attached to it, but being thankful is number one.  In my line of work I see so many serious situations that the small stuff that people complain about is so meaningless.  Gratitude is something that you should always start your day with.  Everyday is not a walk in the park or a sprinkle of unicorn dust, but it is a new day to change something different then the day before.

So the next time Monday rolls around, start your morning being thankful that you are seeing another Monday.


This is actually healthy as long as you don’t walk that line of complaining.  I am so lucky to have a few great friends that really let me vent a a whole lot.  My best friend is a nurse so she gets a lot of “What does this mean” and “Should I worry about this”  I have other friends that I can vent to and I don’t feel like I have to censor what I say. While you get to know me through the blogs and vlogs, you will find out pretty quickly that censoring is something I don’t do.

Imagine having to hold all the things that bother you in and tell nobody?  You would be a miserable mess and have a crazy amount of anxiety.  We all need a healthy venting session that allows us to get our feelings and frustrations out.

Be Cautious Of Your Audience

If you get nothing else out of this blog, take this advice!  When you are venting, be conscious of who you are venting to.  I have told you on several occasions that not everyone holds your best interest at heart.  When you vent, sometimes you are in the heat of the moment and don’t think too clearly on who your venting to.  In some cases you are simply giving them more ammunition to use again you at a future time.


If you have to ask someone to not say anything then perhaps that is NOT the person you need to be venting to!  How do you know who to vent to?  Well, unfortunately  that can often be a lesson learned from a previous venting session.  Your true friends and family that you can trust will often have a huge and I mean huge book of your secrets that could be a tell all book.  The reason they have this book is because you can truly trust that your private words will remain in their tell all book and locked away forever.


Unless you have a solution to a complaint then perhaps instead of complaining, you should focus more on the solution.


Gratitude for the win!

xoxox  Lori

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