Starting Your Day With Gratitude Is A Must!

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In the morning before I even consider getting out of bed, I make sure to list the things that I am thankful for and set my affirmations.  Of course I also make an Insta-story post to motivate my followers, usually with a filter as to not totally freak everyone out with my beautiful but a bit disheveled morning look.

We often take things like waking up and popping out of bed for granite.  When you send the abundance of gratitude off to the universe, then you are ready to get out of bed.  PALEASE do not say you don’t have the time; that is quite frankly a pretty crappy excuse.  This is an easy process for all of us that do that on a daily basis, but there are many people who aren’t really sure how to incorporate this practice into their daily routine.


I personally think that if I have something pretty to write in that it makes me happier to do it.  I recommend getting some kind of journal or book that will encourage you to write.  This is not to be confused with your journal that you write your daily routine and stressors in.  An affirmation or gratitude journal is for positive things only!  You should always have two journals that allow you to separate your thoughts.

You know how you have all these things in your head that swirl around and represent some happy parts of your day, and some that are stressful?  The gratitude journal will give you the ability to go back on days that you are feeling sad or unmotivated and see that there are so many amazing things that you are grateful for.

I recommend writing down all of things in your life that you are grateful for.  I mean seriously everything that you can think of.  There is nothing too small to be grateful for…ever!

There is a good book by Janice Kaplan called “Gratitude Diaries”, that is a pretty good guide to understanding gratitude.  If you are an active Amazon shopper (they do rule all of my shopping needs), then you can just click the picture and it will take you over to the book.

We live in a world where we get so wrapped up in what we are stressed about and lose focus of the abundance of blessings that we are surrounded by.  Take a few minutes each day to be thankful, it can change your view on your life.


3 responses to “Starting Your Day With Gratitude Is A Must!”

  1. Maureen Fleshman Avatar
    Maureen Fleshman

    I love this idea ♥️

    1. mysticalphenomenon Avatar

      Yes! If you start with the positive energy in the universe, you don’t get caught in that negative spin cycle

  2. Marcia Witt Avatar
    Marcia Witt

    After I lost sight of my own value, I stopped doing this for a bit. I started again almost a year ago when I started seeing you for life coaching. I have a journal by my bed and I don’t get up without utilizing it…even with the dog begging to go out or “him” asking for coffee to be made. It helps set the intention for the day.

    BTW, I always look at your SnapChat and marvel how cute you are….doubt you need a filter my friend

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