Social Media Validation… Do You Really Need It?

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We live in a world where we all seem to need a certain amount of validation for what we do or share.  Social media is now such an important part of most of our lives that we need to often feel validation for a thought, picture, video or article.

Let me first start by saying as a person that uses social media for almost every aspect of their business and brand that validation is very important to me.  I have however learned that its really the quality of the like not the quantity. What does that mean exactly?  When we post on any main social media platform we like to see who likes or comments on our post.  This in itself causes no damage to you whatsoever and is nice to see someone with tons of influence acknowledge your work.  The problem is when you put entirely too much stock in people that you know liking what you post or needing to have a certain number of followers to validate your social media.

Quality is going to be the most important part of your social media game.  My goal of course is to build my brand and actually be one of those influencers, but I am not going to get there overnight.  Let’s first start by going through some of the main reasons why people may not like your post.


What is your content and is it relevant to what someone likes?  My personal brand is all about positivity, animals, life healing, public speaking, life coaching and plant based living.  If I post a recipe or do a vlog on something that does not interest someone then why would they like it?

I have so many friends who hunt or have hunters in their family. They know I live a plant based lifestyle and have a personal viewpoint on hunting so why would I like a picture of a dead animal.  This does not mean I do not like them or angry with what is posted,  it means that I simply don’t want to like something that I don’t resonate with.



Some people never every post anything but seem to know just about everything that is going on around them.  I am all about the pictures and articles and even vlogs that I do but not everyone views social media as an important part of their life.  Some people are just seriously private and would rather be informed of day-to-day stuff or news then to post it.  So don’t take it personal when someone mentions something to you about a picture or something that you post but yet never actually hit the like button.

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Anyway you spin it there will always be people who just want to see what you’re doing.  They are in your outer circle or sometimes you don’t know them at all. If you look at Radar Online or TMZ and read an article on one of the stories, head down the comment list and read the comments.  Pretty sure just about 99.9% of the people commenting do not know the people personally but have no problem expressing their opinion.

That is pretty much what you open yourself up to when you post anything on social media.  You will always have people who say they like or support you but really only want to see what you post so they can talk about it.  So just know that the social media world will always have people that are just there to watch and report.  That just comes with the territory.  DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE BRING YOUR ENERGY DOWN.  You do not want or need any of these type of people to like your posts or pics.



Sooo this is one that is the most difficult for someone like myself that is building a brand.  We want numbers and quantity so we can be validated with a little blue check on Twitter or Instagram.  You need quantity for sure but you want to make sure that you have the quality of people liking your posts before you worry too much about quantity.


I post things that make ME happy.  I post fun things that I like to see on my social media.  Your pages are YOUR pages!!  The concept of the whole media game is really to post stuff that makes you happy and if someone else likes it then they have the option of liking it.  Unless you are building a brand and trying to attract business, you do not need another human being to like something to validate you.


I hate to state the obvious here but just because someone likes your post does not define you in any way shape or form.  If you are relying on validation in the form of a like then you are posting for all the wrong reasons.

Not everyone will have an energy that meshes with yours. The joy of social media is that the people who do resonate and like your posts are your tribe of people that you want and need in your life.

Validation will always come from within. One human or one like should never ever validate you.  Social media in general should never be the standard of validation. If you are 100% true to yourself in what you are doing with your life then that right there is the ONLY validation you will ever need.  Stay true to yourself and what you believe in and the quality of likes will most certainly follow.





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