Confidence begins with self acceptance

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We all have been at that point at some point of our lives where we just don’t feel confident. Insecurity is the yin to confidence yang. When we are confident we feel like we are on top of the world and balanced. When we give in to our insecurities, we allow self-doubt or other people’s influence to break that confidence.

Honestly, in a world of negativity and judgment it takes a lot of practice to be confident. First of all please realize that you are weird. We are all a little weird and different. The problem isn’t being weird, the problem is that we often allow other people to make us question our weirdness. Our confidence is really another word for self-esteem in my opinion. When you have a high self-esteem, confidence is there with very little effort.



If you feel broken down and insecure, first know that we ALL feel insecure from time to time. Work, relationships and self acceptance is at the top of the list of things that we allow to tear down our confidence. Outside influences are only half of the battle though. The key to having confidence is self acceptance. This means that you accept your flaws and mistakes and not dwell on them.

Here are a few tips that I use personally to stay confident. I am being fully honest when I tell you that I have insecure days and weeks. They use to be months and years, but now I allow the insecurities to creep in and I don’t fight them. They are always there for a purpose or a lesson. Don’t get so caught up that you are not learning from whatever that particular insecurity is trying to teach you. I will give you my personal tips that I use to help build or rebuild my confidence.

1. Take time for self-love. If there is nothing else that you will learn from my blogs, YouTube videos and appearances, is that I always take time for myself with zero guilt or judgement. To me this is the foundation to building that self-confidence. Confidence can never be achieved by another person as much as we would like to think that. I personally pray, meditate and try to get in some kind of light exercise daily. In meditation I know that is my time to just be. I love that I do it so often that it is now something I desire and look forward to doing. I would highly recommend that you allow yourself at least thirty minutes a day just for you.

2. Staying present and mindful. This really goes hand in hand with meditation. I love the way the buddhist culture is mindful. I strive to stay in the moment as often as I can. This is something I struggle with the most. My mind is very obsessive and controlling, so being mindful is asking myself to let go of that control. Meditation allows me that ability to let go of some of that control. There are days that I wish I could just meditate for hours so I don’t have to fight that urge to project forward or try to control things that I have no control over. That really can damper your confidence in a huge way. If you are doubtful and not mindful, you will absolutely lose confidence.

3. Trust yourself and your capabilities. Do you know what your strengths are? We all have some amazingness inside of us so never think that you don’t have a specific strength. Getting to know who you are and what your strengths are, you should start targeting that specific strength and building on it. We all like to be good a something and the good news is that every single person has the capability of making a difference.

4. Know your limitations and ask for help. While I like to think I am pretty awesome and powerful, I also know that I have my limitations. When you let go of trying to be amazing at everything, you are then allowed to concentrate on the capabilities that you do have.

It doesn’t matter how wealthy, famous or powerful you are, we all need people to help us achieve whatever greatness we have to offer. We cannot do it alone, that is when we start to feel insecure and inadequate. I am building my energy circle with people who have qualities and strengths that align with mine, but there capabilities are stronger in areas where I lack. This makes the perfect puzzle.

5. Get connected spiritually. This is not to be confused with religion. Spirituality is what has gotten me through he darkest of times. I don’t consider myself religious, but I am one of the most spiritual people who you will meet on your journey. This has taken great practice and time and honestly something I work on everyday. I am grateful to my higher power and the universal energies that allow me to continue on my journey. I use a lot of things on a daily basis to allow me to keep that balance.  You can visit the store here to grab some of the same items.

Balance is a huge key to confidence and quite honestly sometimes you just have to fake it to get through the day. When you realize that you are a human that will have unbalanced days, you can then start to accept that fact and build on your confidence.

Don’t ever let another person take away your source power. When you do so, insecurities set it very quickly. We are all amazing beings. If you are reading this right now, you are amazing and have so much to offer. Be confident and remember that you are incredible and a badass.

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Confidence begins with self acceptance

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