Pre Appointment Info (Please Read)

This will save about 45 minutes in groups and 15 minutes for my individual appointments.  Please take the time to read the information and forward to your guests so they can see what to expect.  Its very important to understand the session(s) and what they entail.

This does not mean that you can’t ask questions, it just really cuts down on a long beginning.  Your more than welcome to ask questions if they are not covered in here or on the site.  You can also find some good info in my book.  You can buy that here. or on Amazon.  Amazon has the book and the kindle edition.

My sessions are full of empowerment and releasing a lot of ideas that society has instilled in you.  I have a direct, blunt and forward approach in all of my sessions.  If you feel as though you may have guests that are not comfortable with that approach, be mindful that it may not be the best setting for them.

Please note that I have an alternative theraputic approach in all of my sessions. If you are looking for a spirit only type of connection, then this may not be the best fit for you.

Not everyone is guaranteed a reading if you are in a group setting. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy some of the guidance that you will get from hearing me speak and speak to others,  very often there are things that will resonate with you and you can implement.

While I am not the grim reaper walking around with negative information all the time, if there is something that I see that you should know I will tell you.  In a group however don’t panic.  If it is super personal I will not just out your business to a room full of people.  I do monitor what I need to say to people as to not cause embarrassment.

If you are late for the session in a group,  it doesn’t mean that you won’t get something but there have been times that is the case.

After three years of intense training with over 27 various practitioners from around the globe, life healing is a great service to be able to offer to people.  These have had amazing and a fantastic results .  Most of my sessions include some form of life healing anyway.  It has worked wonders and you can read more of that specifically here. 

Everyone gets information different so it’s not a one size “I have been to other people before” type of appointment.  I have had this gift for my entire life and I work with some of the best mental health practitioners to assist their clients with the life charts that I see.  Everyone has them, I see them above everyone’s head.  They look like stock market lines as well as medical intuitive charts.  I often can see what meds are or are not working and offer suggestions to your doctors.  I am NOT a licensed doctor, however I am able to see where things are off and should be addressed.  It is up to you to relay that information to your medical doctor or psychiatrist for their review and prescriptions.

I am a certified Alternative Therapist so my sessions do have a therapy approach. Please be mindful of that during the booking process.

Life Charts

I am one of three people in the world that can read your life charts.

The bottom line is what I call your concrete line.  It picks you up at the age of two and takes you out to present day (Whatever day I see you). It lets me know what you have been through in your life and the areas of your life where you are struggling.  This has been a great addition to people with past traumas or recalling things that they do not remember.  I don’t often ask many questions other than what I am seeing and how it is affecting you.

The top line picks you up and present day and takes you out for almost a full year.  If you come March 1st of 2019, I usually can see up through the end of February 2020.  So depending on which month you come, it takes you out for a full year ish. I call this your sand line.. The amazing thing about life is that you have full free will to do whatever you want to do.  It doesn’t matter how many intuitive people or doctors that you go to, if you don’t want to do the work you won’t.

That top line lets me know what you have up and coming; wedding, job change, finances, relationships etc.  This is what I see at the present time and again you have full free will to do with that whatever you want to do.   This is an important piece of information for you and/or your guests to know.  I look above everyone’s head it is an occupational hazard I guess.  Armed with this information prior to our visit is super important.

Alternative Therapy

I am an alternative therapist, Life and Health coach so a lot of the sessions do have a therapy type feel to them. Living day to day comes with an enormous amount of day to day stress. There may also be an element to the gathering that does have a very therapy apprach.

The Veils

There are five veils that are important for you to know about.  In session we usually only talk about two of the five.

  • Veil One is where we are here.  It is where we are angry, happy, sad, judgmental, over thinkers, worrier etc.
  • Veil Two is where your people go.  Your people do not die, they cross or they transition.  Everyone who crosses over is crossed over by someone.  They do not always know who crossed them over but they are never alone at crossing.  Once they cross they describe it in three-way. Warm like being in the sun without sunburn. Light meaning no stressors, anxiety, medical or mental issues.  Take happy, healthy, peaceful, tranquil, calm and free and put that on about a million times steroids and that is where your people are.  I call that Happyville.
    • They do NOT hold grudges or anger towards anyone.  They are not rolling over in their graves because you sold the house, arguing with your sister, getting a divorce or didn’t say bye

I get the best versions of your people.  I do not see the people who when they were alive were alcoholics, addicts, or jerks.  I seriously get the best versions that you could possibly imagine when they come and visit.

I see them just like I see you except they are more like a hologram.  I don’t just hear them or get information from spirit.  If there is a visitor I am fully seeing and speaking to them.  You will have to really see that to understand that to the fullest.  If they were young when they crossed they are true to age.  If they crossed over the age of about 70 they never present out that age.  If your grandmother was 96 when she crossed, she would not present out that age

If they had colored or gray hair they have their natural hair color.  They do not have glasses, wheel chairs or oxygen.  I see the best versions of them.  It’s actually quite awesome chatting them up because they have no hangups.  Here in veil one that seems to be all that we have.

They can NOT hear your thoughts, ever.  You have to talk out loud.  This does not mean that you can just start talking out loud and they will appear.  Sometimes you are talking to yourself but that is very therapeutic as well. If they are visiting they can hear you so no need to ask me to ask them questions.  You can talk to them and I’ll tell you what they are saying.  No need to ask if they are ok or if you should sell the house.  They really are beyond ok and they never hold on to material things in the afterlife.  So if you need to sell the house then sell it.

  • Veil Three is where your spirit guides are.  We all have guides and they are assigned to us at birth.  They are NOT related to you. I will be doing a tour hopefully by 2021 with people who you may or may not know on how you can learn to talk to your guides and what that means for you
  • Veil Four is where your guardian angels reside.  They are NOT related to you and were never people.  So don’t go around telling everyone that your grandmother is your guardian angel.  Angels are provided to you from your higher power.
  • Veil Five is where your higher power resides.  I was raised Baptist and have a firm belief in God.  I do not however practice any specific type of religion.  I am fortunate to be affiliated with just about every possible religion and take bits and pieces from each of those religions for my own customization.  I am spiritual, very spiritual.  The life healing that I have been privy to now only made that connection that much more important.


Your people do not own a calendar or know that date.  They do not come just because you want them to come.  Everyone has vibrations.  I can hear your vibration and the people who have crossed over also has a vibration.  If you are pleading with someone to come through, your vibration goes a lot higher and its like two magnets hitting each other.  So try NOT to have high anxiety or anticipation for people to come.  You get what you need, not always what or who you want.



Sessions during the week are from 6-8pm and 11-1 Saturdays.

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Hopefully this gives you an idea of what to expect or not to expect prior to our session.  This is not to take place of questions or anything so you are more than welcome to ask anything you want, this just cuts down on a lot of the beginning introductions.

Feel free to follow this website since it is also the blog.  I blog about everything mind, body and spirit.  I also have a YouTube channel and other social media.  All of those links are on the site and on the cards that you will get at our visit.