Try The Box!

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People always tell me how much they wish peace came in a box.  I am going to do a trial run on the Mystic Box.  In the world of saturated subscription boxes, I have decided to put together 25 boxes to see if there is a demand for a Mystic box.

I work daily at maintaining balance, or at least trying to achieve the balance. There are some things that you will never be able to find in a box.  If peace were that easy to find then I would have a million of these boxes.  The answers to inner peace,  has many different modalities that are not material.

I do however love affirmations and things that enhance my journey.  I will share them in the boxes!  Each box will have something that reflects the mind, body or spirit.  Some boxes will have a little of everything and some will be specialty boxes.

I could show you what will be in them, but why would I spoil the surprise?!  My entire being is having a mind, body and spirit balance.  I would like to try to provide you with a little slice of that.

The Plan

So, here is the deal for the 25 boxes.  Each box is $60 (Includes shipping) and will ship the first part of February.  You can pre-order your box to guarantee that you get one as soon as they are available

Mystic Box

We all love a little present to open. The Mystic box is a little slice of positivity with a few things that will enhance your positive journey



Subscription Boxes

If there is enough demand for bi-monthly boxes the boxes will be $45 (bi-monthly) with two payment options.The subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled within 30 days of your next box.

  • 3 boxes (6 months) $135.00
  • 6 boxes (1 Year)  $250 ($20 savings)

The first Subscription box would ship in April and the last one of the year in December.  If you pay the 6 box subscription it would carry you over to the February 2019 box.

So, If having a little box from me every other month is something that you are interested in, please fill out the form below and once I have the required amount of people to bring the boxes to $45 then I will email all that have signed up and activate the subscription.


If you are interested in getting a box, please fill this form out.  Once I have enough people who would allow the boxes to be $45 then we can move forward to production!  If not (Booooooo) then don’t fill it out 🙂

How will I know?

Make sure to follow this website by going to the mail page and subscribe!  You will look for this here:

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