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developing a plant based lifestyle


What is plant-based living?

I could not be happier to be a plant-based vegan.  So many people think that going plant based is a diet or something temporary for weight loss.  When you become plant based, understand that if you commit to it then it will be a way of living.

I have been vegetarian for many years and wanted to one day become fully vegan.  When I contracted the H.Pylori bacteria in my stomach last summer, I was forced to make some dietary changes to alleviate the acid in my stomach to assist the antibiotics in eradicating the bacteria.  While I would never ever wish that upon anyone, it did force me to eat the way that I have always wanted to eat for many years.  It’s very simple to understand what you should eliminate from your old way of eating.

You eat whole foods and avoid animal-based products, including meat, dairy, and eggs. You should also look out for anything processed as best that you can.  You can enjoy veggies, fruit, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

I personally have taken plant-based a few steps farther for myself and have become gluten-free, soy free , coffee and alcohol free and I am  acid free.   I started out being really strict because of the bacteria however, I have found that I LOVE that way of eating.


Isn’t it boring?

NO!!  I was such a huge cheese eater when I was vegetarian that I was pretty sure that if you ever said I would eliminate that from my diet I would have bet you a lot of money that it would never happened.  I do NOT miss cheese at all!  I didn’t even have a withdrawal period or anything.  It’s crazy how when you start eating plant-based that you really don’t have cravings for anything that isn’t good for your system.  I eat sweet stuff like coconut sugar, dates, plant-based desserts and a lot of cocoa.  I also follow a ton of vegan Instagram accounts, Twitter, blogs and YouTube channels for yummy recipes and ideas. I can not believe that I have not had any pizza in over 7 months and don’t even want it!


Is plant-based for me?

I fully believe that you should do whatever you feel is right for you  I am not one to push my agenda onto everyone, but I am a huge advocate for plant-based living.  I think it all depends if you feel as though plant-based living is something that you want to commit to.  I have attached a link plant-based living for beginners here. I would highly encourage you to see if the benefits of going plant-based is something that resonates with you.

Don’t think of it as a diet

If you are debating on this awesome change, make sure that you are doing it as a lifestyle change and not a diet.  Have I lost weight?  Yes I have lost about 13 pounds in about 7 months.  You will lose weight because you are getting rid of a lot of foods that are not good for your body.  I did not start or continue eating this way because of weight loss.  I will not go back to eating anything other than plant-based because it really works for me.  I love the fact too that I am not consuming animal products.  I am a huge animal lover and advocate so that is yet another great reason for me to remain plant based.

A little something to get you started

I have attached my vlog for two recipes that I love!  I will be doing more recipes as time goes on.  I do not follow any specific plan or recipe to be honest.  I love tasty food and spices so I make sure to not eat bland food. I kinda just wing it and go by my taste buds.  All you have to do is click the picture below and it will take you directly to the vlog on YouTube.  Make sure to subscribe to the blog and the vlog for future recipes and tips for living a balanced mind, body and spirit lifestyle.

xoxo Lori


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  1. Lori- going to try your soup- but I do like making my own veg. broth. Homemade is always fresher, better flavor and I like using my filtered water. It’s so easy- you don’t have to chop your veggies- just throw them in the pot with a few herbs, bring to boil, then simmer only for 1 hour- no stirring. Scrape off the scum and strain through cheesecloth when cool. Easier than your soup I think. Thank you for for the dessert recipe too. Will try that as well. Do you have a chocolate anything recipe?

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