Don’t be so serious, laughter is the key to balance


Stop being so serious!

As a grown woman with countless responsibilities and duties, I know how important it is to take the time to just act silly.  As we grow older and the fun and games are minimal, we often forget how to laugh and mean it.  I am not telling you to shrug off your responsibilities, however I am telling you to incorporate some laughter and fun.  You can not continue to be serious and stressed without the break or you will absolutely break.


Stop worrying about what people think!!!!

If I could write a blog on this everyday I would!  So many of us go through life and think that we HAVE to act a certain way.  I mean seriously STOP IT!!  If you can’t let off some steam and be silly without someone judging you, then you totally need to rethink whatever situation you’re in and fast.  First of all, regardless of how much you try to adhere to a certain expectation there will always be people who will judge you.    You and only you are responsible for your happiness PERIOD.  If you want to go to a park and swing at the age of 50 then do it.  If you want to go skydiving then do it.  Live your life with joy and wear that like a crown.


Don’t judge yourself

If you think that you are too old to do something then you are.  You are, and will always be the biggest judge in your life.  Create a day, week, month or year of yes.  This means that you can’t say no to anything (legal and safe) anyone asks you to do.  This means go to a waterpark, amusement park, play in the rain, go dancing, travel to someplace you typically wouldn’t go, roller skate, swim, play in the sand and just about anything else in reason.  It doesn’t always have to incorporate money either.  Last time I checked, building a snowman and being buried in sand is free.  The only hurdle you have is you.  If you are in a medical situation where you can’t be so active and travel, then watch old cartoons, do a puzzle and download snapchat and make videos with funny filters.  There are so many ways to be silly and weird.

Watch the video!

Click on the picture below and give yourself about seven minutes to take a peak into me taking my own advice and being silly.  All of the people I have around me all have a silly side.  Find a great groups of friends and family that will bring the weird out of you!

don't be so serious

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