Finding Your Inner Peace


The journey of all of our lives is to find our inner peace.  Inner peace is something that is not defined by just one thing, or even a set amount of things.  Each stage of your life will present different things that contribute to that inner peace.  When I was in my twenties, I can honestly say that health and wellness was not the tip-top of the list to find my inner peace.

The key to going through this roller coaster we call life is to always reevaluate what makes you feel whole.  So many people get stuck in a “rut” for years and years only to find that when they want to find that peace, they have no idea where to even start.

If you look at what Wikipedia says that inner peace is, you will see that the journey is ever-changing and will continue the entire time that you are on this planet.


Where to start?

I always tell everyone to do a vision board or at least write out the things that actually make you feel good.  Nothing is too small, but it does need to be as defined as you can make it.  You don’t ever use words like happy or peaceful.  You want to be really careful using the words stress free as well.  The universe and your brain cannot decipher what those words mean. Those are blanket words that are otherwise empty without extreme intent.  When you are setting your goals be specific!


Set Realistic And Defined Goals

As mentioned above, you want to be specific as well as realistic.  Don’t make lofty goals that will hinder your forward progress.  If your goal is to own your own business for example, you want to start with a plan.  So when extending that out to the universe, you can’t just say things like “own my own business”.  What kind of business? What do you want out of the business? Will you be a LLC or a corporation?   Will you need to get investors?  If you do, how will you get them?  What will the profit-sharing be?  Those are ALL things you want to put down answers to.


I have been working really hard at finding my own inner peace.  The age of fifty is only two and a half years away for me.  I have a goal to be the most balanced I have ever been in my life.  I will say that I do feel the most balanced I ever have been before, but there are still a few goals I would like to meet to get there.  I am embracing more of the alternative and asian practices.

Watch the Vlog!

I do a vlog every Monday about something positive.  I try to bring you something that will help you on your journey.  I want to share with you my wonderful aerial yoga experience.  I am in the mindset these days of just doing whatever I can to achieve my own inner peace, while hopefully giving you some tools to add to your tool box.

xoxo  Lori

Click the Pic below for the Vlog!

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