Life May Not Be Perfect, But Live As Though You Fart Glitter

IMG_1268Ok, lets be honest here for a second.  Yes that is me with a great filter to show my true sparkle.  The last few weeks I have been in a bit of a funk.  Nothing too crazy, but between my stomach being still blah (6 months now), and my recent skin cancer removal I have just been blah.  Perhaps the weather has something to do with it but that is not an excuse to be in a funk.  I have felt unmotivated at home and just out of sorts.

I truly do live my life as positive and drama/stress free as humanly possible.  Every one of my social media platforms will 99% of the time be something positive about the mind, body and spirit.  I have had several clients tell me how they wish they could be so positive all the time like I am.  Let me be really clear about how I live my daily life to at least appear to be farting glitter.

I know that the world is filled with sadness, depression, stress, betrayal, and just all around crappy things.  Most of our daily lives have some level of stress to them and I don’t care how positive you live, you can’t make others live that way or situations just magically change.  I will drill this in your head so much this year that you will have no choice then to at least once in a while be content.


My daily farting glitter affirmations

You have got to convince yourself that you are awesome.  Every morning I start with a prayer, then I send all my gratitude to the universe. I follow that u with affirmations that I am fu**ink amazing.  It doesn’t matter if you really believe that at first but you will if you keep stating it over and over again.

Before I even consider getting out of bed I remind myself that every pound, wrinkle, cellulite, flaw and anything else I may be feeling is all part of what makes me so awesome.  I don’t give a damn if you have to write 1000 sticky notes throughout the house, remind yourself of this!

Stop focusing on the negatives and negative situations and think of how you can react and protect yourself from those situations. I realize that sounds way easier said then done, but then again if you think you can’t do it well…..then you probably can’t.

No-one really cares if your in a bad mood or throwing a pity party for yourself.  People are often great with you when you are great but will scatter when your out of sorts #FACT.  So don’t worry about other peoples opinions of anything you do, as long as your not hurting anyone.  You and ONLY you are in control of your happiness .  I seriously CANNOT stress this to you enough.  One human cannot make another human happy.  That is not to say that you can’t have friends, kids and spouses that enhance your life, but they are absolutely not responsible for your happiness in any way shape or form. You need to re-evaluate your life on a constant basis so you know and like who you are on the inside.




Surround with positivity


If it is in your control and not positive then let that sh*t go!  Yes I mean that!  Stop letting other people or situations rent space in your head!  There will always be critics.  Let these critics motivate you!  Half the time the critics that you have you are allowing to fuel the biggest critic you will ever have and that is you.  STOP IT!

Yes I was in a funk, but you better believe I have since pulled myself out of that.  I have embedded my YouTube on my week for you to watch.  I would encourage you to watch it if you have 13 minutes to spare in your day.

Fart Glitter!

Be a unicorn, fart glitter, wear a crown, be a princess, be a king, be a goddess, be strong, be confident, be amazing, be incredible, be sincere, be true, be smart, be funny, and most of all BE TRUE TO YOURSELF!



Watch the Video!

farting glitter

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