Welcome To The New Site!

Happy New Year!  We are embarking on another great year full of changes and opportunities.  I never use the word resolution in the beginning of the year. That term has always given me such anxiety to think that I have to set all these giant goals to reach before the year is out.  I like to use the words attainable goals or achievable goals instead.  That brings me here to this blog….

This is a year of evolution and growth for many of us as far as cosmic power and energy.  I am fortunate to talk to people daily and help them set their goals and ways to achieve them.  I will be going a lot deeper this year on my own personal growth and growing the life healing aspects of my business.  I find great joy in watching someone who was once lost or stuck grow into a strong and confident human.  I always tell people that it isn’t about what or who is missing but living with the best you that you could possibly be.

This blog is a place of positivity, laughter, light and love.  I am a firm believer in the mind, body and spirit connection so you will find articles, links, video and other blogs that I feel is joyful and positive.  The old saying of “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe” is so very true!  That is also true with what you surround yourself with in social media outlets as well.  If you continue to see sadness, complaining and distress it will absolutely bring your energy and chi to a negative place.  This site is meant to give your energy a little pick me up as often as you need to visit it.

I am not a professional writer but a writer that does write from the heart and soul.  You may find type o’s or even misspelled words and grammar from time to time but that is perfectly ok with me.  I will however always bring you a smile or a little pick me up.

So set your attainable goals for 2018, give this blog a follow and only allow the positivity in your circle.




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