Monthly Archives: December 2017

Starting Your Day With Gratitude Is A Must!

In the morning before I even consider getting out of bed, I make sure to list the things that I am thankful for and set my affirmations.  Of course I also make an Insta-story post to motivate my followers, usually with a filter as to not totally freak everyone out with my beautiful but a […]

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Social Media Validation… Do You Really Need It?

We live in a world where we all seem to need a certain amount of validation for what we do or share.  Social media is now such an important part of most of our lives that we need to often feel validation for a thought, picture, video or article. Let me first start by saying […]

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Welcome To The New Site!

Happy New Year!  We are embarking on another great year full of changes and opportunities.  I never use the word resolution in the beginning of the year. That term has always given me such anxiety to think that I have to set all these giant goals to reach before the year is out.  I like […]

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